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Agile Project Management with Trello

18 July 2012

Trello LogoWe recently started a new project with a smallish development team (of 7 people) scattered through 3 physical locations. After we got everyone together for our inception we decided to give Trello a try.

So after a few days of using it I can honestly say that it is amazing. We've had buy in from everyone on the team. People are moving cards left right and centre. It's easy to track who's doing what and what's coming up.  (Hand on heart -- I'm not affiliated in anyway with Fogcreek software)

Did I mention that it's completely free and online and works on ios and is just generally cool.

Here's a picture of the example project board: All the cards can just be dragged and dropped as you move through your project. You can assign people to them and add any kind of note you like.

This is so much easier than moving physical pieces of cardboard around! 

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