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sqlcmd.exe unspecified error

22 May 2012

This bit me in the ass today.... I have a continous integration system that runs sqlcmd.exe to push scripts to a target database. Occasionally my build would fail for no apparent reason. The logs contained a message like this:
Sqlcmd: Error: Internal error at ExecuteSqlCmd (Reason: Unspecified error)
if you search online for that error then you get directed pretty quickly to this article which effectively says:
In short, this bug is fixed in builds above 10.00.4266 for SQL Server 2008 SP2.
Which seems pretty straightforward. And it is.....**IF** you realize that what's actually important is the version of sqlcmd.exe running LOCALLY to the build machine, not the Hotfix version applied to the database server....... if you see this kind of problem then you can check by running sqlcmd.exe /? and checking the version header. On my build server (running team city) the version was:
Version 10.0.1600.22 NT x64
which *is* effected by the bug. Make sure you run that on the machine that is actually calling sqlcmd, not the database However the version on the database server (SELECT @@VERSION) was:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP3) - 10.0.5766.0 (X64) Oct 15 2011 15:50:50 Copyright (c) 1988-2008 Microsoft Corporation Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 2)
And because I looked at that first, then I wasted a bunch of time.... Sigh...... CI....


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