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Code Jam 2012

15 April 2012

It's that time of year again. Code Jam.

This year -- I'm using python. Unfortunately the qualification round fell on a Saturday where I was tripple booked. I got about an hour in the morning, then another hour about 5PM and finally half an hour when I got back from a party.

The qualification round is now over and the analysis from google is available.

The problems I managed to squeeze in were:
Problem A. Speaking in Tongues -- a nice easy dictionary problem. Managed to do this in the morning hour.
Problem B. Dancing With the Googlers -- This was a numerical analysis problem. Got this to work in an hour in the late afternoon before a party
Problem C. Recycled Numbers -- Got back with 40 minutes left to submit an answer and wrote a really scrubby program to solve the small case. With no time left I tried it on the large case and it timed out.

There was a 4th problem which I briefly looked at and decided that there was no way I'd be able to solve it in the time I had. I'm going to try and solve this without looking at the analysis over the next week.

Code Samples:
Problem A. Speaking in Tongues
Problem B. Dancing With the Googlers
Problem C. Recycled Numbers

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